Try New Angle !  いい一日を、めぐろう!東急線トライアングルチケット Try New Angle !  いい一日を、めぐろう!東急線トライアングルチケット

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Take pictures at your favorite spots

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Check spots
in the Triangle Area

Many benefits of having the ticket!

Check spots

Recommended spots
in the Triangle Area

Enjoy your day with a discount train ticket!

Recommended spots


A one-day, unlimited-ride excursion ticket covering the Tokyu Lines “triangle area”
linking the fashionable Shibuya, Jiyūgaoka, and Futako-tamagawa areas.

Buy Together for a Discount!

For example, when buying at Yokohama Station

  • ・Fares listed above are as of April 2016.
  • ・Valid only on day of purchase.
  • ・Children’s fare available
  • ・Buy your ticket to a Tokyu Line station separately.
    We are not able to refund the difference for previously purchased tickets.


Triangle Area Tōyoko Line (Between Shibuya and Jiyūgaoka Stations),Den-en-toshi Line (Between Shibuya and Futako-tamagawa Stations), Ōimachi Line (Between Jiyūgaoka and Futako-tamagawa Stations)

Where to Buy

Ticket vending machines
at Tokyu Lines stations

  • ・Excluding the Kodomonokuni and Setagaya Lines
  • ・Valid only on day of purchase
  • ・When purchased at a station on a Tokyu Line outside the Triangle Area, sold together with round–trip fare to the Triangle Area.